Kissing Tips

Advice | April 14, 2017

How to become a pro at kissing:

  1. Arm yourself against bad breath. Make sure you have a variety of weapons in your arsenal for any possible situation that may arise. Gum for throughout the day, breath mints if you’re getting close to the moment, and breath spray for the moment right before the moment. Nothing is worse than stagnant post-lunch breath with bits of cafeteria mystery meat still stuck between your teeth, so your best bet is to always use the breath spray right before the kiss, if all else fails. Spritz that shit into your mouth and then some into the other person’s mouth too, for good measure.
  2. The only thing worse than bad breath are chapped lips. Make sure your lips are constantly moisturized. It doesn’t matter if it’s chapstick, lip gloss, or lipstick; just slather it all over your face. In fact, don’t be afraid to go outside your lip line; clowns and Kylie Jenner do it all the time, and if Kylie Jenner does it, that means it’s trendy.
  3. Building off that last tip, choice in flavor is everything. You can stick with the classic flavors like Strawberry Vanilla Swirl or Cherry Kiss, but there are a ton of new and exciting things to try, such as Magical Glow Berry, Jamaican Me Berry Crazy, or even Sriracha!
  4. If you feel like you’ve got the basics of kissing down and want to take it up a notch, it’s time to use your tongue. After the initial kiss, if she (or he) starts to pull away, just keep going, and stick your tongue inside her mouth and swirl it around a few times to spice things up. Think of yourself as a mother bird who is trying to feed a baby chick.
  5. Finally, practice makes perfect. Practice so much that your lips get sore. That’s a good sign that you’re probably doing it right. Just start kissing everything in front of you. The poster in your room? Of course. A foggy window? Go for it. Your reflection in a mirror? Why not? Even your hand is good practice!

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