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The Zamboni is a student-run humor and satire publication of Tufts University. In no way do the views expressed herein necessarily reflect those of Tufts University, or even the editors, writers, or probably anyone at all. So, don’t go emailing the people listed in the masthead, especially since we make some – if not all – of the names up. All material is meant to be viewed as humorous or satirical, but keep in mind, we still love a good Viewpoints face-off and all of this material will be on the test. So study hard and/or steal the notes from the class nerd. We accept any and all submissions from Tufts students, but any references to Harvard University must be spelled “Hah-vahd” (the des Rochers Clause). Submissions to The Zamboni are screened by the Editor-in-Chief and/or the Editorial Staff. Decisions are made on the completely subjective grounds of their humor content, but if you’re a legacy, we have to take you (the Starr Clause).