Returning Student Struggling to Tolerate Father’s TV Shows

News | September 9, 2017

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY: For college student Will Redding, there were many positives to coming home for the summer. However, there has been one new aspect of family life that has caught him off-guard.

“My dad spends all night watching these cable news shows,” Redding says.  “And, I mean, they’re just awful.”

From Fareed Zakaria GPS to The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, it seems like the television is never turned off in the Redding household.  “They just say the same things over and over again, but Dad eats it all up,” Redding told us. “I didn’t realize just how much they enjoy repetition at that age.”

Redding has to constantly listen to his father’s favorite shows in the background, and can now unhappily identify the shows and the characters that populate them.  “Some are marginally better than others, but it’s all relative.  I can deal somewhat with Chris Hayes and Anderson Cooper, but something about Jake Tapper really pisses me off.  And I’m wondering if I can turn on some parental controls for Hardball, because if I hear Chris Matthews’ voice one more time…” he trailed off.  “It just makes me wonder sometimes if it’s all worth it.”

Redding says he would love to try and tune out the relentless droning, but his father now “requires constant supervision.  He doesn’t quite have the remote figured out yet, but he managed to turn on Fox Business the other day, and I don’t want that happening again.  If I’m not careful, he’ll be watching Sean Hannity soon.”

“He’s not nearly old enough,” Redding added.

Asked if there were any positives to his father’s habit, Redding said “It does keep him occupied.  It might be better for Wolf Blitzer to talk to him about the Russia investigation than for him to talk to me about it.”

In the end, however, Redding proved unable to maintain this frame of mind.  At press time, the family TV set was lying in several pieces on the street, as a final Chris Matthews yell echoed in the living room.