No One Cares I Took IB, Student Complains

News | September 9, 2017

MEDFORD, MA: Sydney Frank was rudely awakened in the days following her Pre-orientation program when no one seemed to care that she took IB classes in high school instead of APs.The International Baccalaureate, or IB, program, is similar to the Advanced Placement courses common in most American high schools, except that its structure is fucking stupid.

Ms. Frank detailed to her TWO group that she scored a six on her IB American history exam which is, “like a 5 on the AP even though IB is out of 7, because IB is just so much more work.” Her Wilderfam, having heard her lament about the rigor of IB four other times that day, didn’t bother to respond, which sent Ms. Frank into a tailspin.

“Whenever I tell my camp friends about IB they all are super shocked, like they can’t even believe how much work I do. And here, it’s like no one even gives a shit about my marginally harder high school program,” Ms. Frank noted on her way to Dowling to try and convince the Dowling desk workers that her IB classes count for credit.