Love Poem for Ms. Peeples of 3rd Period Social Studies

Poetry | April 14, 2017

Your eyes are as blue as a Slurpee from 7/11

Your mouth looks like wax lips but less big and less red.


If you asked me to, I would:

Eat an apple.

Switch to inkjet pens.

Roll in the hay with you and a bear from Guangdong Province.


I spoke to your husband yesterday.


When you picked Johnny instead of me during class

I wanted to stab a million cactus needles into my face.

Just to feel something real.

But I didn’t have a hall pass

So I couldn’t.


I want you to use your executive power over my judicial branch.


When you are absent my morning wood disappears.

I am filled with that empty feeling. You know the one.

My nice black track pants lie flat.

I know you saw me when I turned in my homework last Thursday.


We will finally be alone when

I give little Johnny an ice cream cone and lock them both in an airless coffin.

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