The Conception: Prequel to “Ivanka’s Baby”

Features | November 17, 2016

On election day, Jared woke up at 6:45 a.m. and turned over to gaze at his wife’s sleeping, bodacious figure. He feasted his eyes on the sight that lay before him, and thanked Adonai for blessing him with the most gorgeous, successful (and most importantly wealthy hehe) spouse he could ever possibly have dreamed of.

“I love you so much, Ivanka darling,” cooed Jared as she woke up, stretched, and smiled at her husband.

“Today is election day,” Ivanka purred. “This is such a big and important day for Daddy— I mean Father. We must go to him. I must be by his side throughout the day.”

“You are absolutely right, my darling, we must be there for him and provide the support that he needs,” Jared answered aloud, but internally, his mind was racing. Daddy. She had said it again. He had thought that this phase was over, that he had rescued his darling spouse from that dark time in her life. What if— no, no, it couldn’t be happening again. He had Ivanka’s schedule for the past week, he knew where she had been. He discreetly pulled it up on his phone— “November 6th, Dinner with Daddy”. He smiled to himself— November 6th was a Sunday. He and Ivanka always ate together on Sunday nights.

“Oh that naughty girl,” he crooned softly to himself, “she knows who her real Daddy is.”

He seductively leered over at his wife as she slipped into a form-fitting, white v-neck garment. He sauntered over to her and grabbed her by the pussy.

“Jared!” she screeched, slapping his hand away. “Only Daddy can do that!!!”

Jared stepped back, aghast. Ivanka gasped and reached her hand out to caress his cheek, but Jared batted it away.

“But… But.. I thought that I was your Daddy!!” Jared screamed and began to cry, sweet, salty tears stinging his eyelids.