Zamboni Presents: DIY Origami!

Fun & Games | November 22, 2015

Have you ever wanted to be that kid? Our experts will show YOU how to make your own origami crane!

1. Magically obtain a piece of paper’


2. Now try to fold it in half


3. No, that’s just… No. Unfold it. Let’s try this again.


4. Ok, so fold it. Like, in half. Ok, how about… nope. If you can’t figure this out, there really is no hope for you.


5. Congratulations! You figured out what half way is! Too bad though, you still have to unfold it. No, like unfold it. Undo. Don’t fold it again. Don’t get too fold happy.
You are like a monkey, Jesus.


6. Okay, this is the hard part… which for you is probably rocket science. Just, like, push the sides in… No, the sides. Stop chewing it. It’s not food. No. FOLD. Remember that?


7. Here, your bird… No, no need to thank ME… You put so much effort into it!! Think of it as a participation award. Although I wouldn’t even say you really participated… Just try not to eat it.
I hate my job.


I hate my job.