Fun Facts

Fun & Games | November 21, 2015

• Shaving cream is 73% frothed goat milk.

• Naval oranges are not technically oranges.

• Once you leave Mongolia for more than the equivalent of one day on Mars (24 hours, 39 minutes, and 35 seconds), you’re never allowed back in.

• Between 1954 and 1999, Disney produced over 13,000 pornographic films, including “Bro White and the Seven Whores,” “CUMbo,” and “The Bigcock of Notre Dame.”

• The plural of “cucumber” is “cucumbra.” It comes from the Latin verb “cucuemburum,” which means “to feign fellatio in a public setting.”

• The third most popular car in Peoria, Iowa is the Ford Focus.

• Among the words recently added to the New Oxford American Dictionary was the word “solitude,” because no one had remembered to include it before.

• Moby-Dick was originally intended to be a musical, and until his death Herman Melville insisted that a printout of the musical score was enclosed with each copy sold.

• Cholera was twice voted “Most Boring Way to Die” by the American Medical Association.

• Among Derek Jeter’s less publicized romantic affairs was a two-week tryst with Miss North Rhine-Westphalia 2003.

• Mollusks celebrate becoming grandparents by vibrating their cerebral ganglia.

• Death is always Watching. Waiting. Ready.